• Whiskey Barrel Cabernet Merlot

    Whiskey Barrel Cabernet Merlot

    Ripe berry fruit flavors with structured tannins and high acidity. A blend of peated and unpeated oak chips from genuine Whiskey barrels adds nuances of vanilla, tobacco and spice.

  • White Cranberry (Pinot Gris)

    White Cranberry (Pinot Gris)

    Bursting with sweetness that has made white cranberry a unique and popular flavor in juice. This wine is very easy to drink and is perfect for backyard barbecues and sharing with friends. Enjoy with grilled vegetables.

  • White Merlot

    White Merlot

    Experience the lovely fresh Strawberry flavors with a hint of floral aromas that intermingle, creating a refreshing and light-bodied, semi dry white wine. The finish is lip-smacking crisp, bright and fruity, with a nice acidity that gives this wine a refreshing quality. Because of the generous acidity, this is a great wine to pair with a number of foods like spicy chicken tacos, smoked cheeses, sweet and sour pork, lamb gyros, and shrimp and pepper alfredo.   White Merlot can be drunk at room temperature, but it is best served chilled.

  • Wild Berry (Shiraz)

    Wild Berry (Shiraz)

    A special combination of wild field berries is blended with the delicious, big red Shiraz grape to create a wonderfully fruity treat. Serve with burgers off the barbecue.